A native of Spain and Italy, Antonio has called many places home, including Brazil, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Los Angeles, and New York City. In addition, his frequent travels to visit diverse cultures and experience fashion all over the world continue to inform his style and expertise. 

Antonio is a graduate of the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, California, where he studied esthetics and cosmetology. He was a national make-up artist for Lancome, and then worked with Sebastian International as a platform artist. With 20 years of experience – both as a stylist and educator – in hair and make-up, Antonio brings a strong portfolio to the salon.

He is a recognized specialist in curly hair and is a certified Deva Curlaborator for DevaConcepts. “My experience with curly hair has allowed me to surrender to an unconditional flow of information and feedback that happens naturally in my salon chair and in an educational forum. It humbles me to facilitate the unique beauty and different ways that hair responds to our method of cutting, and how our products enhance it each time.” Choose from our line of botanically-infused and moisture-rich products to fit any type of curls.

Antonio and his team of stylists brings a wealth of experience, ideas and expertise in the world of curls. We will teach you how to understand, embrace and care for your curls, with the best service and full attention that you deserve.

Your hair will be rejuvenated, restored, and returned to its natural order.